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since 2014

Entomobio was created in 2014 by Antoine Mariage, active partner. Since then, Antoine has developed and perfected a process of breeding mealworms (Tenebrio Molitor) insects, and producing a powder from their larvae, rich in proteins and ideally balanced in amino acids, vitamins and good fats.

BIIF Logo (Belgian Insect Industry Federation)

Active member of the BIIF

We are an active member of the BIIF (Belgian Insect Industry Federation) since 2018.

Authorized by the FASFC

Entomobio produces and sells only for human consumption, under the approval of the FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain) since 2019.

FASFC Logo (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain)

THE European reference

Our vertical farm is THE European reference in the breeding of mealworms for the "Novel Food" dossier filed with the EU to promote insects as food for humans.

Indeed, through the BIIF, three "Novel Food" dossiers have been filed with the EFSA (European Food Safety Agency), the most advanced of which concerns Tenebrio Molitor (TM). Being the only Belgian farm involved in human food with TM worms, our breeding is at the origin of all the analyses carried out to satisfy the EFSA.

EFSA Logo (European Food Safety Authority)

Our team

Founded in 2014 by Antoine Mariage, Entomobio sees its team strengthened with the arrival of Xavier Leseultre in 2019.

Three years later, Robin Nef joined the company in August 2022.

Antoine Mariage

Antoine Mariage

I am the manager of Entomobio and the initiator of this project. Thanks to my desire to learn and discover, I embarked on this crazy adventure of producing mealworms for human consumption. I am always listening to others because each one, with his qualities and his faults, has a unique point of view which allows me to improve myself and see things differently, whether in everyday life or in my professional activity.

Xavier Leseultre

Xavier Leseultre

I am the head of figures for Entomobio. After meeting Antoine and his crazy idea, I immediately adhered to the project and a new friendship was born. Thanks to my experience in the industrial field, I focus on all administrative matters and making contact with customers. I pass on my knowledge to our work team and I am always there when help is needed. I am happy to invest myself in this project which is close to my heart given its ecological, altruistic and societal dimension.

Robin Nef

Robin Nef

I am the production and project manager at Entomobio. In fact, I do a bit of everything. After completing my end-of-study internship at Entomobio, I couldn't see myself working any other way than with Antoine and Xavier. I am now part of this small family of insect breeders who defend a noble cause in line with my values. We can be proud to fight for this project that meets the growing need for animal protein while preserving our beautiful planet.

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